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Data Acquisition and Data Analysis
     by Van Mierlo Software Consultancy

DAx is a powerful data acquisition and analysis program that places emphasis on finding peaks in data.
This makes DAx particularly suited for:
GC    HPLC    CE    SEC/GPC    SSR/AFLP    Gel scoring   
Features are included for all these techniques. DAx runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7, and virtualised on Mac OSX.

Newly created: 64 bit version
The 64 bit version of DAx is able to use all of a computer's memory, making it possible to load many tens of thousands of data files. NB 64 bit DAx requires 64 bit Windows 7.

DAx features Shape Overlays
Shape overlays are uniquely able to line up results, without requiring baseline creation or peak detection. Especially suited to line up results from MegaBACE analyses.

Why use DAx?
  Special features can be added if needed.
  Supported file formats. DAx versions can read, among others:
    Andi (AIA) files.
    Amersham MegaBACE, ABI Genescan, SCF, CEQ 2000 files
New ATC method recognises sizing standards extremely well.
Binning sheets now export PAUP & PHYLIP formats.
New binning maps and colour views display binning sheets and (large) collections of data files as coloured maps.
    Just about any text file; MS ExcelTM files.
  See what other users say!
  Over 60% of users buy additional licenses.
  OEM versions can be created.