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CA Contact Angle determination software

CA was developed for the University of Technology of Eindhoven to analyse series of images of drops being grown on substrates. Depending on the surface properties of the surface the drop is being deposited on, as well as the fluid properties of the drop, the drop will have a different shape. Most significant is the contact angle between the drop and the surface.

CA reads a series of JPG, TIFF or BMP/DIB images, analyses them to find the drop, and determines the contact angle. The program has been set up to need a minimum of user intervention. However, in cases where automatic processing of the image does not succeed, the user can manually determine the contact angle using drag and drop operations.

Example of tracing and contact angle determination by CA.
The green lines are the traces that CA found along the side of the drop. The blue lines indicate the contact angle that was determined. Notice the needle used to feed fluid into the drop at the top of the image.

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