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DigiBall Particle Sizing software

DigiBall was developed to determine particle sizes by analysing photographs of the particles. Particles are thought to be spherical.
The following steps are involved in the analysis of a photograph:
  • Using a digitising tablet to indicate coordinates on the photograph or
  • using a scanner to scan the photograph, then using the mouse to indicate coordinates.

  • Define a scale to convert from picture units to actual size.

  • Define particles by indicating two diametrically opposed coordinates or
  • define particles by indicating three points on the edge of a particle. The three points should be as evenly distributed along the edge of the particle as possible, but if a particle is partially obscured, it is possible to indicate points that are much closer together.
If a scanned photograph is used, DigiBall will draw the particles that have been defined on top of the image. This provides graphical feedback about the quality of the digitisation.

DigiBall can export its results live to an Excel worksheet. It is also possible to copy results to the clipboard, save them to disk, or print them.

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