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DAx Data Acquisition and Data Analysis

Special versions of DAx

On request, special features can readily be included in DAx. Examples of specialised versions are listed on this page.
DAx PrinCE Control is a version of DAx that does instrument control for Prince Technologies' PrinCE Capillary Eletrophoresis system.
The instrument control module was developed in close colaboration with Prince Technologies. Development of the special DAx PrinCE Control version took only three months to complete. It has been used world-wide with great success since then.

A version of DAx is being developed to analyse DNA traces measured at Biofrontera Pharmaceuticals, Leverkusen, Germany.
The ability to read both ABI Genescan files and Amersham MegaBACE files was added. Up to four data traces are derived from each file. One of the traces contains a size calibration, which is used by DAx to convert all traces to a DNA fragment count axis.
This project is still continuing. New features are being developed in close co-operation with Biofrontera's biochemical engineers and computer programmers.
Click here to read what Biofrontera has to say about DAx.

A version of DAx was developed to work closely together with a micro-capillary electrophoresis system.
This version of DAx had to be able to read Microsoft Excel (TM) files that are written by the control software of the micro-capillary system. It then had to perform specialised data analysis operations. Several specialised enhancements were made to DAx's data analysis algorithms to achieve this.